Highly skilled craftsmanship and the finest ethically sourced materials are the key ingredients for Dipii Stark’s world renowned products.

The philosophy of our brand epitomises creative pursuit and the art of product design. We are a young company established in 2019 and are dedicated to producing outstanding British made products. Every design stems from a personal selection of photographs or hand drawn images which are guided by our passion for travel, lifestyle and creating unique and special pieces. Every step of the design process is carefully considered, from conception of an idea to the finished product, turning our designs into luxurious silk pieces made in Britain.

Quality Control
We carefully source companies experienced in printing processes and sewing skills in the UK. These companies are long established in their area of expertise helping us deliver UK manufactured products.  Our suppliers include printers in Macclesfield, a town which has a historical connection to the silk industry, a reputation upheld till today.

We have chosen to print our art onto pure silk material for its natural fibre qualities and durability. The fluidity and sheen on the fabric allows for the colours on the images to radiate intense vibrancy making the product look elegant and luxurious.

Once the printing process is complete, the material arrives at our workshop for careful examination for accuracy of the colour match and our specified tolerance standards before it is sent to be finished with a hand rolled hem. The time devoted to ensuring the accuracy of every design process guarantees the best quality for our products.

Our printing companies source top quality products that abide by commercial ethical standards within UK and Europe. Digital Textile printing is one of the friendlier production processes in today’s textile industry compared to the traditional printing and dyeing methods using less dye during the printing process. Digital printing methods focuses on the precise application of ink to art. The inks used are AZO dye free which are non-carcinogenic.

The companies are mindful of the waste created during the manufacturing process and take steps to minimise it. They ensure that they are fully compliant with the UK’s waste framework directive to dispose of their waste by-products. Their waste fabrics are incinerated by recycling specialists to produce bioenergy and create heat sources and electricity. Keeping all our suppliers within the UK helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

Our printers are based in the town of Macclesfield with it’s historical connection to the silk industry.

All our silks are finished with a hand rolled hem.