Every single beautiful Dipii Stark scarf is crafted from the finest soft silk. It provides a luxurious feel like no other fabric and is a joy to work with. Read on to find out why we only use silk as well as a little insight into its fascinating history.

It’s widely believed that silk production first happened in China around 2640 BC. People quickly realised silk threads were incredibly strong and started to weave them into clothes. The silk secret remained in China for thousands of years until its reputation spread and its worth as a valuable commodity was realised. Then in 130 BC, the Chinese established the now legendary Silk Roads, trade routes to connect China and the Far East with the Middle East and Europe. Now they could sell silk and buy other commodities from regions previously unreachable. The Silk Roads effectively altered the way of life for many civilisations to come and were well used until the 1400s.

China remains the world’s largest producer of silk and is widely regarded as the finest producer. Silk is also made in India, Uzbekistan, Thailand and the US. It remains a valuable commodity because it is difficult to produce and cannot be replicated mechanically – but a little silk goes a long way.

How is silk made?
Silk is spun by silkworms. Though they are not worms at all, but moths – Bombyx mori is the domestic silk moth and it is the moth’s cocoon that is spun from silk. The cocoon is unravelled either by hand or machine to reveal a single length of silk around 100 metres long. Each strand is loaded onto a roll which is then automatically attached to another strand to make a continuous string. Then the strings are twisted together to make yarn and rolled to make it uniform, ready for weaving into fabric.

Why we use silk for our scarves.
Anyone who has felt a piece of silk will appreciate its beauty. It has a luxurious quality and flows across the skin. Perfect for scarves! Some of the benefits we have found when using silk for our scarves include:

  • Breathability – silk is soft and lightweight, and its thin threads allow the skin to breathe. It doesn’t trap moisture like synthetic fabrics.
  • Durability – silk lasts a long time thanks to its strength. It is the strongest natural fabric in the world.
  • Natural – silk is an entirely natural fabric, and 100% pure silk contains zero man-made elements.
  • Sustainable – silkworms can be harvested as needed and if demand increases, more silkworm cocoons can be used. Those that are not harvested for silk follow their natural evolution with no waste or pollution.
  • Drapability – the softness and fluidity of silk means our scarves drape beautifully and can be tied lightly with no bulk or heaviness.
  • Shine – silk’s natural shine brings out the beauty of the Dipii Stark unique prints. It is almost iridescent in the way it catches the light, bringing new dimensions to a scarf or pocket square each time you wear it.

The natural luxury of silk is the perfect companion for our range of scarves, neckerchiefs, pocket squares and pyjamas. You will find there’s a Dipii Stark silk accessory to complement every outfit. Take a look at our handcrafted, British-made ranges for women and men and find your perfect piece of luxury.